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Never Give Up | Story by 9 year old from Hyderabad

What if life gives you a rotten mango? 9 year old Nehal Baddireddi, a Bookosmian from Hyderabad, tells us what we must do!
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It was mango season and Rob’s mouth watered as he thought of delicious mangoes from Australia.


He went to the shop and saw that the cost of one mango was $10 but he did not have any money. Rob knew he could not buy it. He thought maybe someone will give him money.


He asked people for $10 but people didn’t even give him a second glance. Just then, a man named William came and admonished him.


“Why are you begging people for money when they aren’t giving you any?”

Never give up


Poor Rob went away to the other side of the road. He had seen hard times in his life recently. He sat under a tree.


He didn’t know that it was a mango tree!


As he wiped his tears, a big mango fell down. It fell right into Rob’s hands! He couldn’t believe it! He quickly used his pocket knife and cut open the mango happily. He took a huge bite and ate the mango but realized it was rotten.


Once again, it seemed like luck was not on his side. He was about to feel sadness again when he decided to give it another chance. He grabbed another mango and that was delicious!


Mango special - The recipe to never give up


When life gives us a rotten mango, we should just grab another one, he realized.

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