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Mango Season – King Mango And The Fear Of Knives | Bookosmia

Mango season - King mango and the fear of knives


Mango season - King mango and the fear of knives


There was a big fat mango sitting in the middle of the fruit basket at a dining table. His name was Munnalal. Munnalal loved to be surrounded by fruits as he was their king. He enjoyed the importance he received from his subjects and wanted to wear the throne for the longest time.He was sweet, juicy, big and ripe. Everyone loved his yellow skin. It was flawless and without any patches. Nobody knew this big strong fearless looking Munnalal was scared of knives.


He belonged to the family of kings who loved shining silver swords. But he would shudder and sweat profusely at the sight of a sharp blade. He was so scared that he wouldn’t touch a sword. His heart would sink when he saw someone cut and relish a juicy fruit in front of him.

Mango season - King mango and the fear of knives


One day, a sweet girl was sitting alone. She took out a shining silver knife, picked up the juiciest red apple and put it on the plate. Munnalal was watching this with lots of interest. His heart missed a beat, as the girl mercilessly sliced the apple and took a bite. This made Munnalal restless.

He started thinking about his journey from the basket kingdom to the plate, to the mouth then the stomach.

He hated the thought of being eaten and started to think of a way to escape this journey. He pondered over escape plans but could not find a way. Soon it was night and he spotted an open window.

He waited for everyone in the house to sleep and then snuck out of the house. He went out of the window, jumped from the balcony in the garden and then ran until he was tired. Then he hid in a mud pile in a park and thought that he was safe there.

Mango season - King mango and the fear of knives

A little boy came to the park regularly with his father who was a gardener.  He watered that mud pile as a part of his game while his father was busy clearing the weeds from the grass.

Soon, Munnalal turned into a plant. In a few years, Munnalal grew into a tree. Juicy yellow bright shiny big mangos grew on Munnalal but thankfully they were not afraid of knives!

Mango season - King mango and the fear of knives

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