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Mango Season – Kesari Learns Her Destiny | Bookosmia

Mango season - Kesari learns her destiny

Once there lived a bright, red and juicy mango. Her name was Kesari. She loved swinging on the tree. On a bright summer morning, Kesari got plucked. When she was being loaded in a lorry, she was crying.


A whole lot of mangoes were then taken to the farmer’s market nearby. A woman named Priya, having a very gentle looking face came and picked her up. She kept all the mangoes very delicately in her jute bag.


Mango season - Kesari learns her destiny


At home, Priya announced to her kids that she was making mango pudding.


Hearing their conversation, Kesari was struck with fear. She wailed, “Nooo…I don’t want to be mashed up.”


​Luckily, another mango was chosen that day for the delicious pudding. Kesari had a big sigh of relief, although she knew that her turn could come up anytime. She was still thinking of ideas and making different plans to save herself. She thought, “I should take help from a friend who is also in a similar situation.”


She went to a bottle gourd lying near her and started discussing her anxiety with him.


Mango season - Kesari learns her destiny


The bottle gourd was very famous among all the vegetables and fruits for his kind hearted personality and ever giving nature. He heard about the stress that Kesari was going through and told her, “This is your destiny, Kesari. You were made to make children happy. Life is not about being sad, but making others happy.”

Mango season - Kesari learns her destiny


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