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Magic School – The Boy Wizard Who Learnt To Work Hard | Bookosmia

Magic school - The boy wizard who learnt to work hard



Once upon a time there was a boy named Peter who was 11 years old. He was a fan of magic and music. Peter was in a school. It was a magic school but he didn’t know that.


One day Ms. Mary a new teacher came in. She was a magic teacher. She started teaching magic but Peter didn’t understand. He asked ma’am what she was teaching. He was startled to hear it was magic and slowly began to take interest in it.


After one month he took part in a magic competition. There was a ball called Lushi Fushi. The ball was made up of real gold so Peter’s team and the others had to catch Lushi Fushi that too on broomsticks.


Magic school - The boy wizard who learnt to work hard


Peter lost the first competition as he could not handle the broomstick’s speed. He was laughed at for his slow speed. Peter thought of giving up as he thought he could never compete with others who had been playing this game since childhood. But he decided to practice. For the next few years he practiced a lot and finally finished at the top!


Magic school - The boy wizard who learnt to work hard


His family and teachers were proud of him. Seeing him, others learnt that ‘try and try, and you will succeed’.



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