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Ehsaas Agrawal

7 Years

53 Years


Lion- The king of the jungle | Poem by 7 year old from Hyderabad

Ah! The majestic lion! 7 year old Ehsaas from Hyderabad describes the king of the jungle beautifully!

lion king of the jungle poem bookosmia
I am a lion,
I can attack even a python,
I can be tough like iron.

We come in the colour yellow,
It is bright yet mellow,
my favourite food is buffalo.

My signature accessory is my bushy mane,
It looks like a fierce flame
Other terriories? Soon I will claim.

My roar can travel at the speed of 80 miles per minute,
I can jump like a ball, hit for a six in cricket,
my strength and power do not have a limit.

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