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Life Is What You Make It To Be| Poem| By 11 year old from Bhilwara, Rajasthan

a reflective poem on life by 11 year old Aniruddh Ladha from Bhilwara, Rajasthan. What is the most beautiful thing about life according to you? Tell us!

Read with Sara poem by Anirudh from Rajasthan

Life makes you what you want to be,

It might be the king of the jungle,

It might even be a small fish in the sea.


Life may be hurtful,

It may even be painless,

Life may be with sorrow,

But it might even be filled with happiness.


It allows us to be our best.


Life may be wrong,

Or may be right,

For some it may be short,

For some it may be long,

But it is the very way to the light.


No one knows what is written in the book of fate,

All but the page that prescribed their present state.


Some might be in love,

Some might be in hate,

But after all we enter the right gate,

For the life given to us,

We should be pleased as it is great.


Life depends on your personality,

Life depends on your trait,

Life depends on you

Life is simply great,

Life, life, life.


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