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Life is a road. It can go straight or zig-zag| Essay|By 13 year old from Chennai

13 year old Zenia Parpia from Chennai shares her well thought through essay on which direction to take in life. Read only at Bookosmia.
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Life is a very strange road. It could sometimes go straight or sometimes in a zig-zag way.


Life is a seesaw . It sometimes goes up and comes down immediately if  someone tries to pull you over to their side.


My teacher used to say to me that a good influence is weak because no one supports that influence, but often people blindly follow a bad influencer. If  everyone in the world understands this, how great it would be if you know that a good influencer leads you to the right path and have a great life.

Now let us go towards the seesaw way. Suppose you want to join a great  college which you already think is the best for you. You need to apply for other  colleges too if there is any chance of not making it to your preferred college. Would you wait until that preferred college confirms that you are in? There is  another college which is great but unknown to everyone.  You apply to that college and get a reply from there that you are in. You refuse that and wait.  Then you got a reply from your preferred college and it says you are not in. Then you got to know that it was an unethical college. One year goes waste,  still waiting down and now your parents enroll you in the college that was unknown to everyone. You give the college a second chance and you get in.

The great college didn’t accept you because of your personality, but the lesser known college accepted you because of your marks and attitude. Now they are on the top of the list of colleges. This shows that looks don’t matter, talent matters and that there is a second chance everywhere.

So remember, first look if it is a good or bad influence that is trying to pull you in before you get attracted to it and follow.


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