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Life is a book | Essay| Bookosmia

Read with Sara Essay on Life is a book Bookosmia

Life is a book and we need to move on.

I cried when the chapter ended but something new awaited me already.

I  consider my life a fantasy and in my teenage, I have been living some of the best and some of the worst chapters  of my life.

What happens when you start a clean and fresh new page? For me, it is hope  that occurs, a hope to accomplish what the heart plans. But like every battle between a villain and a hero, your mind is supposed to come in between, even making you address someone you may relate to or someone you are close to  as your enemy. The mind is supposed to come and ruin it all and sometimes even the hero fails to understand its ability, right?

While at the end of a chapter, my wish is it could continue but it always ends. Mine ended at a bad notice, but I knew that my heart may not have the  strength to reread and revise this chapter since it will hurt me again and again.

That is when your heart will ask you, “Do you really want it?” It will burn your  eyes with tears, yet the mind will try to hide them and erase them but you will  see the heart is stronger and has the ability to change the course. Thus  recovering those precious emotions and making the mind understand that it’s  not okay to rewrite the chapter, but it is okay to revisit and feel it.


The mind is a prisoner, ignorant to emotions but at last it is the  coexistence of  the heart and mind that always leads to an happy ending.


You will lose but your heart has a grasp on it. Its just the timing- it awaits for  the mind to hold its hand and that is a new beginning.

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