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Let the ray of hope never die| Poem by Guneev, 15, Jalandhar

Never give up hope, writes 15 year old Guneev from Jalandhar. What do you think?

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Enveloped in feathers covered by hope
To which follow dreams in a lengthy rope
In the sky filled with a lot many, heinous
Jealous by others’ success
There they exist, heterogeneous
They fervently tackle obstacles
Without worrying about injuring their ankles
Generations from today, the story will remain the same
Which enables them to gain fame
After constant watering, there grows that tiny seed to a well shaped plant
It grew, because there lay hope, not to try even a decant.
Poor ant crawling with a hope on ground
For finally, with the food, she gets crowned
Us fighting with the battle of Covid
Are full of hope and vigour to make it erode.
Hope is not a bliss!
Not something that will be off in a fizz
Hope is not an energy!
But something which demolishes from you; lethargy.
Hope is not serendipity!
But something that owns your dignity.
Hope is not grace!
But something which in us, has acquired a massive space.
A sailor sails with a hope to reach their destination
A pilot flies with a hope to clinch the border of another nation
Students study with a hope to succeed in examination with flying colours
And we fight with hope to hit the covid to enjoy our supper
In the ray of hope
There doesn’t exist
Any fear
Any shiver
Any weakness
As it itself tells you to dream atrocious!

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