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Jungle Story| By 12 year old Krishna from Hyderabad | Autism

‘Stories For Inclusion’ spotlight is on 12 year old Shiva Sanjith Vankamamidi from Hyderabad, a non-speaking child with autism. Shiva shares a sweet and simple story on friendship and receives a message from 9 year old Aadya from Bangalore.

Shiva Autism Story Inclusion fest

Spotlight on Storyteller, Day 2 at ‘Stories for Inclusion’ Fest that spotlights neurodiverse kids & young adults as they share their story through art/words/video and also connects them with neurotypical children who watch these and respond with their own message of love.

Time to listen to different stories, make new friends, by Not That Different.

neurodiversity inclusion fest stories


Here is 12 year old Shiva with his sweet Jungle Story and a wonderful message of friendship from 9 year old Aadya from Bangalore.

To know more about the monthlong  ‘Stories For Inclusion’ fest

Inclusion Story Fest 2022

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