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Internet – The greatest invention| Blog by Samaira, 7 , Kolkata

We use the internet everyday. But have you ever thought about how it has changed the world? 7-year-old Samaira from Kolkata marvels at the wonders of the internet in this blog. 

Coronavirus pandemic - What if there was no internet during the lockdown?

The internet is the brainchild of British scientist Tim Berners-Lee. He created the World Wide Web and developed many of the principles we still use today, such as HTML, HTTP, URLs and web browsers. 


According to me, the internet is one of the greatest inventions humans have ever made. Just think about the information it holds! 


It helps us to be connected virtually with our family and friends. When the pandemic locked everyone in their houses, it became a source to connect, study and work. The internet is slowly replacing the traditional newspapers with e-newspapers. People can watch funny videos on YouTube, movies on Netflix and play online games with their friends who live far away. They can also order food, buy things and pay bills. 


While the internet has brought countless joys to us, there is no denying that there are disadvantages too. Spending too much time on screen may lead to bad eyesight. Watching too many videos may impact mental health. People waste their valuable time on social media.


It is necessary to use the internet wisely. The invention also shows that as humans we must keep innovating and creating new things.Innovation creates new opportunities and growth.


Without a doubt, the internet has deeply affected our lives and we cannot imagine living without it. 

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