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Inter-Dimensional Travel- My adventure by Samriddha,10, Kolkata

What if you managed to travel through the dimensions? 10 year-old Samriddha from Kolkata writes an intriguing travel story.
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 The universe is quite a vast subject to learn about, and humans are just tiny parts of it living in the third dimension. We’re actually nothing compared to space.

       But something that happened to me recently changed my thoughts about this. That ‘something’ was this:

            Once I had visited the headquarters of NASA to discover more about space. The people there were working on the topic of ‘Dimension Travel’. At the headquarters, I was observing every object around me carefully to understand its workings.

            At night I peeked into the experiments chamber as I was too curious to wait for the morning to come. A huge vehicle shaped like a hexagon was standing in front of me. I went in and was completely amazed at what I saw!

           There were so many buttons in the vehicle that I was totally confused about which one to press first. A green button was placed at the corner and I pressed that. This was the Dimensions Travel Machine and it had started functioning when I’d pressed the green button.

           The machine moved with a loud ZIPPP sound and I found myself in one- dimensional space, where I could only walk forward or backward. With another ZIPPP, we went straight to second- dimensional space, where there was the facility of going left and right. Our three- dimensional space enabled us to move freely anywhere we felt like.

           But then I saw all the wonders and magic from the fourth dimension onwards. Everything related to time travel, parallel universes and much, much more. I could also go back in the past or travel to the future and do whatever I wanted to do. Then I was almost in the tenth dimension and knowing every single thing about the universe drove me mad.

           Still I was missing out on one dimension, so I had to visit that and know about it too. It was none other than the mightiest eleventh dimension. But I was confused. Why was everything here blank. Oh, then I saw the shadow of the god of gods, Mahadeva, with all the humans sitting on his lap and the river Ganga flowing from his hair. He was also wearing a tiger skin, an animal of this three- dimensional earth. I wondered at the notion that the God of eleventh dimensional space resides on our planet only, among us! That’s why we could see wonders such as the Kailash Mountains on earth.

           Satisfied with this thought, I returned to our lovely three dimensional planet, Earth, having understood my own position in this universe.

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