Tanvi Kulkarni

17 Years

Asha School Lucknow


Inclusion Fest Spotlight- Amazing Singer : Tanvi, 17, Lucknow

17-year-old Tanvi from Lucknow is a fantastic singer and in the spotlight of the Inclusion Festival by Not That Different

Tanvi Lucknow singer Inclusion Fest Spotlight Bookosmia

Here is 17-year-old Tanvi from Lucknow, a member of Club Youngistan, singing masterfully in her beautiful voice. Thanks to our partners for the fest, Club Youngistan for sharing her wonderful work with us.


#inclusion #disability #autism #neurodiversity ‘Stories for Inclusion’ Fest spotlights neurodiverse kids and young adults as they share their story through art/words/video and shares love from other kids who watch these with admiration. Time to listen to different stories, make new friends, by Not That Different. Know more at

Inclusion Story Fest 2022

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