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In a gentle way, you can shake the world- Gandhi| Essay| Bookosmia

Be the change you want to see Gandhi read with Sara Bookosmia

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world,” Mahatma Gandhiji said.


The first  thing that strikes our mind when an occasion is arriving is how we will  celebrate it. When it comes to celebration the most important thing is a  grand party and magnificent gifts. Excess food from parties is wasted and  gifts exchanged which are usually of no use.

Only by reforming our ways of celebration, we could make an immense  change in the world. Instead of giving splendid gifts made of plastic we could  give a plant pot with a message to ‘start of new life’ or plant a sapling on  special occasions.


In this way we will not only be helping mother nature recover from the  exploitation we have forced on her but also be a good citizen and human  being. Instead of throwing a convivial party we could go to the orphanage or the old  age home and distribute cakes, gifts, and food.


This will show kindness to humanity and help others. Throwing a party does not mean we need to have a massive cake and decorations. Instead we could call our friends over to our house and laugh together, making joyful memories without fancy gifts. Instead of getting huge amounts of foods and drinks we  could learn how to bake one cake ourselves, with our friends and then enjoy it.


During festivals bursting expensive crackers only causes harm to others.  If we contribute the money spent on them to an NGO or another such organizations, we can help someone get food on their empty tables.

Let us blow away the cobwebs and make some new reforms in our life.

Together let us make these reforms and make this world a better place for all.


39 Responses

  1. Such a wonderful thought by 12 year old. You inspire us in doing something for humanity and society which only benefit us in return.

  2. Suhani…you have done wodners with your words…so much to learn from such a young girl…god bless you and you will soar high in the world of literature and writing.

  3. Very nice thought Suhani. God bless you. If start following these our world will become a better place to live.

  4. What a beautiful writeup and thought by such a young mind and heart. Wishing u all d best!! May u rise and shine and inspire many more to have the same thoughts .

  5. Amazingg work Suhani…you are such a talented, bright and creative girl.. keep flying high…. such a thought provoking message by you at such a young age… keep it up… all our best wishes to you…

  6. You give me a reason to smile n feel blessed each day with all the wonderful things you do….there is so much to learn from you my little one. Keep smiling and shine on!

  7. Very nice thought and message. More the younger generation is made aware to practice it, the better our world will become. God bless you Suhani.

  8. Such great thoughts in small proud of you Suhani..i wish we all parents think the sa
    me way..and your write up has inspired me a lot..

  9. Very nice Suhani,your writing reveals the simplicity and gentleness of your heart and the simple yet innovative ideas given by you through your writing if followed will definetly bring a great change in society.You people are the future of our country so keep up the good work.

  10. Wow Suhani … What an inspirational words..
    People should bring this out in their daily life now.. a drastic change is really needed in our precious life.. keep up this talent of yours coming up..

  11. Wow Suhani ! Your essay is not only well written, but very inspiring too. Loved the productive ways you have taught to celebrate!!
    Keep writing and stay motivated.

  12. Really nicely written and presented , hope to see much more bright thoughts from you suhani keep it up

  13. It was a complete pleasure to read. Definitely cobwebs need to be blown away. Keep up the good work Suhani! Waiting for more come.

  14. Suhani’s diction and flow of thoughts are commendable. She may prove herself as rising star of literary world. Best of luck.

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