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If animals ruled the world | Blog by Kaavya,11,Dombivli

What if animals ruled the world? 11-year-old Kaavya from Dombivli proposes her cat to be the President! Check out her superb piece! 

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If animals ruled the world 


An animal ruling the world is an interesting topic. It came to my mind while watching smart animals on TV. If Earth is ruled by animals, I think the President would be my cat, Lulu. Ask me why. It’s because she’s so sassy, and knows how to get her way. Even though she’s a scaredy cat, she will have an army of mighty elephants and brave lions, and might have a wise owl as the Vice-President. 


Sloths might become traffic police, considering their slow movements. The more the traffic, the more animals will seek jobs as traffic police officers. Monkeys might become lawyers as they are as smart as humans. In this way, humans will surely lose their jobs in one way or the other. 


Animals will bring down buildings and constructions, and plant more trees instead so that they can have ample places to build their homes. They will also root out mobile towers so that the birds don’t crash into them. They will remove polluting elements and impose strict rules to reduce pollution. 


The next thing animals will do is banning zoos and circuses to stop animal abuse. They will most likely do this as it is beneficial for animals’ health. They will ban plastic usage to save aquatic life. Turtles and other aquatic animals think that plastic bags are food and eat them unknowingly and die. This will stop. 


Animals will introduce a complete vegan lifestyle for humans. So, they might add a tagline, “Save a cow, eat a vegan.” Even though animals might continue eating humans, it’s also possible that they become cannibals due to the influence of the animals (joke intended). 


Most importantly, they will introduce convenient facilities for animals such as free nests for birds, foods and water bowls and homes everywhere for cats and dogs, a scratching pad for cats, more caves for wild animals like bears, lions, etc. Also, they might create a special place everywhere for endangered animals. For example, they might have a bamboo forest for pandas and better quality homes. They will build huge caves for tigers and make sure that they are treated properly. They will approve a no-hunting rule so that the extinction of animals can be prevented. 


Well, I have come to a conclusion that humans will go crazy if animals rule the world. Meat eaters might bite their own hand in the craving of meat and all humans will lose their jobs, become homeless and turn into cavemen again. Jokes apart, animals becoming rulers will be beneficial for themselves and the Earth. 

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