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9 Years

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‘I think about kindness’ Poem by 9 year old Alesha Jariwala from Katy, Tx, USA #WorldKindnessDay

Poem on Helping hands for kids by kids with sara Bookosmia

I think about the kindness path.

No one can stop the kindness in my mind,
My own self, it helps me find.


Investigating the bullies all day,
Seeing people helping by the bay.


That’s when I think about choosing the kindness side
It’s like a well chosen ride.


In the evening, I sit in a meadow with a great view
Sitting and doing my kindness review.

When I go to sleep in my dream beam,
Kindness is my true dream.


The next day I go and see a hurt kid
Wanting to help him after what the bully did.

I helped him throughout, with pros and cons
Then I feel happy, when I sit in my lawn.


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