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How to live a good life? Poem by Anandita, 15, Chennai

What is life according to you? 15-year-old Anandita from Chennai shares her thoughts, in this poem.

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How to live a good life? 


This cruise called life,

It ain’t serene,

It is topsy-turvy.

It’s everything zig and zag,

And seeing the unseen.


Sometimes the sun may hide,

And only darkness seems to thrive,

But even the cloudiest days,

End in quite pacific ways.


Sometimes, your roads may seem rocky,

But the abodes- surprisingly stocky,

That’s how life is meant to be,

Only if you’re a mouse,

Are you free to flee.


Breathe optimism,

And have greed deprieved,

Celebrate with love and laughter,

Only then will it be,

A life well lived.

One Response

  1. So cute words.
    At that moment I can’t how
    It’s impossible…🤔. So proud.
    Bless you child.

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