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How I Conquered Stage Fright | Essay | Bookosmia

It can be quite nerve wracking to talk on a stage in front of many people. 10 year old Devina Haralalka from Singapore felt that too but she overcame her stage fright.

Read with Sara Essay by Devina

It was a late Sunday evening and I was at the soccer field playing with my friends. We were playing my favourite game, dodge ball but somehow I was unable to focus. The next day was important as I was participating in a science competition. I had been busy building a talking robot which I would be presenting to the judges.


Being watched by people and thinking of what they would think of me made me a bit anxious.


The next day arrived and I was all set to give my presentation. I had butterflies in my stomach as this was the first time that I was giving a presentation in front of a panel of judges.


I wanted it to be a success as I had worked very hard. Soon, it was my turn. I mustered up all my courage and went on the stage to showcase the cool things my robot could perform.


My legs were shaking and my heart was pounding. I wanted to vanish.


I glanced at my teacher and she gave me a thumbs up. Everybody was cheering. I had forgotten the speech that I had rehearsed again and again and when I went to say something, nothing came out. I was frightened but I ignored that feeling.


I told myself, “ Come on Devina, you can do it!” Slowly, everything resurfaced and I felt more confident.


My words became sharper and I knew I was doing a good job as I looked at the mesmerised audience listening intently to what I was saying.


I ended the presentation after a nice one hour explanation and confidently left the stage. I had finally overcome my fear. I knew I had done well and told myself, “Good Job, Devina!“


After this day, I started believing more in myself.


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