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Anushka Pandit

16 Years

53 Years

Presentation Convent Senior Secondary School


Happy Mother’s Day To Mother Earth | Bookosmia

15 year old Anushka Pandit, a Bookosmian from Delhi writes a beautiful essay on mothers and the mother that sustains us all – mother earth!

Happy mother’s day to Mother Earth

Mother’s love is invincible.

“A box of sacrifice, a mystery of emotions and a loving soul comprises a MOTHER”
– Self composed

This mother’s day, my love goes out to all the mothers but the woman who inspires me the most is not only my mother but also the mother of this whole world – mother earth.

A symbol of pride and inspiration, she has not only made sacrifices but has also borne the destruction of humans.

This reckless behaviour of ours is ruining our mother earth. A blanket of protection over her in this pandemic from each and every responsible citizen on this special occasion of mother’s day can be the greatest tribute to her.


Happy mother’s day to Mother Earth

Our mother earth is choking beneath global warming and human greed.

We can all hear the cry of our mother. Let’s not neglect that dreadful cry of pain.

Let’s all unite and to protect our mother earth who has been our inspiration. Let’s not use an axe and ignore her kindness.

Let’s plant more trees and cherish their growth together. Let’s shower our kindness on mother earth just like she has done.


Happy mother’s day to Mother Earth



Happy Mother’s day to all mothers. Let’s fall in the lap of our mother on this blissful occasion and dream of a future of tranquility, respect and love.

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