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Happy 16th birthday : Sweet or Dark?| Poem by Anushka,16, Delhi

On her 16th birthday, Anushka from Delhi, writes a reflective poem on what the essence of growing older really is, in a beautifully penned verse.

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Happy 16th birthday : Sweet or Dark?
When the clock struck 12
Realised it’s my birthday hour.
Waiting for the fake flashes,
That disappeared a month ago,
Now seemed active at one go.The world seems familiar now,
And doesn’t seem as naive as a cow,

It’s me turning older now-
Is it just a number or a number of experiences?
Questioning now.Princess dressed like a queen,
Captioning my posts
as Sweet Sixteen.

A hand from the future burst my pink cloud,
With a gentle voice telling me not to be on cloud nine
When life holds more challenges,
That won’t be just “fine”.The cloud burst to rain,
Scars screamed in pain,
But then the voice of an angel spoke,

“I know you’re going to rise again.”

Yes, that’s me,
Still wondering about sweet or dark-
(Not the dishes in my plate
But something more than that)
To add in this phase just for a spark.

Sweet or Dark?
Actually it’s a phase of the brew
That’s hiding itself under a mask,
Compelling us to raise our spark
And avoid the ordeals of the dark past.

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