14 Years

14 Years

Delhi Private School, Sharjah


Gratitude Lesson From A Tree| Poem by Yachna, 14, Sharjah

What is gratitude? Let’s learn from a tree – as we read this thoughtful poem by Yachna, a 14-year-old from Sharjah.

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Gratitude lesson from a tree  


Tired, the human sits under the shade of a tree,

Tired, he thinks about his life in misery,

Tired, he says to the tree, “O! How hard must it be, to stand under the scorching heat”,

“You bear fruits so sweet,

Those, which you cannot eat.

Lord has made your life unfair,

If I were you, I’d have given up in despair.”


The tree replied,

“I made the sun my strength,

Its rays of marvelous lengths.

Its  heat gives me pleasure,

For it brings along tired travellers searching for treasure. 

Their treasure lies on my branches,

For which even ants look for sitting on their haunches.

Their happiness makes me content,

For my life has no other intent.

I find joy everywhere and that has kept me away from despair.” 

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