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Gratitude – Celebrating Nature, Family, God | Bookosmia

Gratitude - Celebrating nature, family, God



I’m grateful for…
Nature, its palette of colours, birds with splendid plume,

Diverse fauna, buzzing bees and flowers that bloom,

Be grateful for all his blessings and boon,

Lush trees, sacred water, the rising sun, and the mystical moon.


I’m grateful for…

Family, my warm, loving, affectionate cocoon,

Lifting and rising us from our failures or doom,

Creating and sharing the marvellous milestones together,

Embracing us the way we are, now and forever.


I’m grateful for…

Teachers, our mentors, our guides,

Nurturing our inquisitive roots and helping our strides,

Moulding our curious and developing mind,

Life goes on but our hearts remain twined.


I’m grateful for…

Friends, our companions, our support system for life,

Celebrating laughter or settling a strife,

Encircled within their frivolous banter,

Dispelling your worries and misery with their enchanter.


I’m grateful to..

Almighty, creator of life, hope and joy,

for giving us these precious moments to enjoy.

Cherish all that surrounds us,

And embrace what’s given to you without a fuss.


Gratitude - Celebrating nature, family, God




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