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Good friends make each other happy | Animal Story by 5 year old

Have a loved one who is unhappy? Just give them  a warm hug and drag them for a dance, just how 5 year old Krishay Gupta from Kolkata describes !

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Bingo, the frog thought when it rains, “I should play in the rain. I should hop in the pond.” It loved the water in the pond.


Bingo went to play with its friend ‘the snail’. The name of the snail is RIA. Bingo and Ria had fun playing in the rainy weather. They did not need the umbrella as they loved getting wet in the rain. Bingo and Ria then found DUCKY, the  duckling, walking in the rain and kicking pebbles. They thought that Ducky is sad. They felt they should make their friend happy.


Bingo and Ria gave Ducky a nice warm hug to make her feel happy and warm. Ducky then said, “My legs are tired Bingo, I would go into the pond and rest a  little.” Ria too said, “I am tired as well, I should also take a nap in my shell, next to the pond, on the log.”

Everyone woke up after a short nap. There was a loud thunder. They all were happy and they sung a song-
Put your right hand in, put your right hand out
Put your right hand in and shake it all about
Do the hooky pooky and turn yourself around
That’s what its all about……


They were merrily singing and dancing throughout the rain.


The rain suddenly stopped and with the rain Bingo, Ria and Ducky also stopped singing and dancing. They could see the bright sun and the beautiful rainbow. The rainbow disappeared after sometime. The sun started setting behind the mountains, in the west. The moon started rising up high in the sky. It was full  and bright.

The day ended and all three friends, Bingo, Ria and Ducky went to their homes.

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