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Free Spirit-I want to be you | Poem by 12 year old from Chennai

12 year old Dhriti Keni from Chennai wonders what a free spirit must look like.

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A free spirit

Soaring high

In the sky


In blue and glowing days

It leads the way

Through the thick and thin


I do not think I know

Who is a free spirit


Even though it falls apart

It always finds a way

Even through ivy’s innermost nook


Some say it’s magical

But it’s life

Sometimes filled with

pain and sorrow


No one knows where it’s heading

Just following the path where life leads


It’s filled with a free soul

Of one, who knows the true meaning of life

It is a journey where not a

single soul knows what can happen


Free spirits are rare

For they follow the direction of the heart

They never give up

They live life to its fulles

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