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Mayuri Sriram

8 Years

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Fairy Day – Adventure To Jupiter | Bookosmia

Fairy day - Adventure to Jupiter

I once flew to Jupiter with the help of my wings.

It was a big, cloudy place. I was amazed by its size, so, I decided I would explore the planet.

Fairy day - Adventure to Jupiter


A sudden twirl of wind pulled me towards the Great Red Spot! I flapped my wings faster and faster and flew to the Jupiter’s top.

Wow! What a sight! I got the best glimpse of the entire solar system. As I was enjoying the view, I caught sight of Jupiter’s moons.

I took Jupiter’s permission to skate and hoola-hoop on her thin and icy rings.


Fairy day - Adventure to Jupiter


I was tired and wanted to go home when I heard a faint voice from Mother Earth beckoning me to get back home soon.
As I flew back flapping my wings, I realised Mother Earth was the best place to live !
 Fairy day - Adventure to Jupiter
Long live Mother Earth !



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