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10 Years

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Encounter With Troll | Harry Potter Fan Fiction | Bookosmia

Who do you need when if attacked by a monstrous troll? A potterhead with a wand, the right spell and a lot of courage, just like 8 year old Ruhan from Delhi.

wand troll story Bookosmia


You won’t believe it! What a terrible evening it was when I encountered a monstrous troll in my apartment’s park. I was petrified and found myself shaking in my boots. I  immediately scuttled to call for help. The folks gathered and tried to hit the oozy, filthy , green giant with stones, but he continued growling as the rocks were too small for this beasty horrific troll.


He was threatening people with his wooden log. Soon the place was thronged. Everyone was ducking and dodging, looking out for something to kill the monster. He was getting infuriated standing in the middle of the park.

Then I summoned my strength and decided to weather this storm on my own. I took out my wand and casted the spell “TELEPORTICA” and the hideous, truculent and petrifying giant vanished into his stinky castle. Luckily, the beast didn’t get enough time to destroy or sabotage anything.


I should give a pat on my back for saving many lives and thanks to my dear wand.

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