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Enchantment of Perfection| Story by Arya, 15, Sharjah

What is true beauty and how it is related to pure happiness? 15-year-old Arya from Sharjah writes a story that makes us reflect. 

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The Enchantment of Perfection


In the enchanting town of Crystalbrook, there lived a young woman named Evelyn. Blessed with a beauty that seemed ethereal, she captured the hearts of everyone who laid eyes on her. With her flowing golden locks, sparkling blue eyes, and flawless features, Evelyn was the epitome of perfection.


From a young age, Evelyn’s beauty had been both a blessing and a curse. Everywhere she went, people couldn’t help but stare in awe. Her friends admired her, and even strangers showered her with compliments. But little did they know that beneath the facade of perfection, Evelyn carried the weight of the world on her shoulders.


As she grew older, Evelyn became acutely aware of the expectations that came with her beauty. She felt the constant pressure to maintain her appearance, to always look immaculate, and to dress in the latest fashions. The world seemed to demand her perfection at every turn.


Her classmates adored her, but they often excluded her from activities, believing she was already living a charmed life. They assumed she wouldn’t care to join in their simple joys because she was above them. In reality, Evelyn yearned for genuine connections and longed to be included in their camaraderie.


One day, while taking a solitary stroll in the woods, Evelyn encountered an old woman sitting on a moss-covered log. Her face was weathered, and her eyes held a depth of wisdom that seemed otherworldly. As Evelyn approached, the woman smiled warmly and beckoned her to sit.


“Beautiful child,” the woman said, her voice like a gentle breeze, “Your radiance is undeniable, but I see a shadow in your eyes. Tell me, what troubles your heart?”


Evelyn hesitated for a moment, then poured out her heart to the woman. She spoke of the burden of perfection, the loneliness that came with being admired but not truly known, and the fear of never being seen beyond her exterior beauty.


The old woman listened intently, her eyes filled with empathy. “Ah, my dear, beauty is a gift, but it can also be a curse,” she said softly. “You must remember that true beauty resides within your heart and soul. It is not solely defined by your appearance.”


Evelyn looked at the woman, her curiosity piqued. “But how do I escape this enchantment of perfection?” she asked, her voice tinged with hope.


The old woman smiled knowingly. “You must seek out your own truth, find your passions, and surround yourself with people who cherish your inner beauty. Embrace your flaws and imperfections, for they make you human, and that is a wondrous thing.”


As Evelyn absorbed the woman’s words, a newfound sense of clarity washed over her. She realized that she had been seeking approval and validation from others, but true happiness lay in embracing herself as she was.


From that day forward, Evelyn embarked on a journey of self-discovery. She explored her interests, joined clubs at school, and pursued her passions with newfound zeal. She found joy in painting, creating beautiful artwork that reflected the depths of her soul.


As she immersed herself in her art, Evelyn met a group of kindred spirits who saw her for more than just her beauty. They appreciated her creativity, her wit, and her compassionate heart. For the first time, Evelyn felt like she belonged.


Outside of her artistic pursuits, Evelyn volunteered at a local animal shelter. She discovered the joy of helping abandoned and neglected animals find loving homes. Her heart swelled with happiness as she witnessed the impact of her actions on these innocent creatures.


In time, Evelyn’s outer beauty seemed to take a backseat to her inner radiance. People still admired her, but now it was for her authenticity and compassion. She no longer felt like a prisoner to perfection, and the burden she once carried had been lifted.


One evening, as Evelyn sat under the twinkling stars, she thought back to the encounter with the old woman in the woods. She wondered if the woman had been some sort of magical being, sent to guide her toward self-discovery.


With a smile, Evelyn realised that the true magic had been within her all along. She had broken free from the enchantment of perfection and found her own unique beauty—one that could never fade or be defined by others.


As the years passed, Evelyn continued to blossom, not just in appearance, but in soul. She became a source of inspiration for others, encouraging them to embrace their authentic selves and find beauty in their passions.


Her journey of self-discovery had taught her that true beauty emanates from within, and it could only be found when one looked beyond the surface and embraced the richness of the heart.


In the enchanting town of Crystalbrook, Evelyn’s story became a legend—a testament to the transformative power of self-love and the beauty that lies in embracing one’s true self. And so, she lived on, a beacon of light and authenticity, forever cherished for the beauty that shone from her heart.

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