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‘Eat Sweet And Talk Sweet’ By 7 year old Keshav Lodha from Mumbai

Festivals with Sara Essay by Keshav Lodha

Hey everyone! I am so excited to hear about my friends from across the country telling me how they celebrate the harvest festival.

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Here’s 7 year old Keshav from Navi Mumbai telling us about the celebrations at his state Maharashtra.






Makar Sankranti is an Indian festival celebrated in different parts of the country. It usually falls on 14th of January. It is also known as uttarayan, pongal or kite festival. The sun God is worshipped on this festival.
Festivals with Sara Essay by Keshav Lodha
People wear new clothes, decorate their house with thoran and make rangoli. Sweets such as pongal, tilgud etc are made. People enjoy flying kites.
In Maharashtra, people wear black coloured clothes. They exchange sweets made with sesame seeds cum jaggery and wish each other “Tilgud ghya Ani goad bola” which means ‘Eat sweet and talk sweet.’
Festivals with Sara Essay by Keshav Lodha


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