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Purabi Kayan

14 Years

53 Years

Modern High School for Girls


Durga Puja – Socially Distanced Celebrations | Bookosmia

Durga Puja - Social distanced celebrations

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Hey everyone! Your friend, Sara here.




Poem by Purabi KayanDurga Puja in the times of Corona! How was it? Hear it from 14 year old Purabi Kayan, a Bookosmian from Kolkata.

She goes to Modern High School for Girls.




Durga Puja - Social distanced celebrations


Cosmic crowded pandals,

All across swift moving sandals

Attired in authentic dhotis and saree,

Wearing printed masks, nobody could disagree!


A feet’s distance was firmly maintained,

The festive vibe was thus attained!

Call of the dhakis and conchs,

Mishti Doi and Khichdi was a major lunch.


Devotees stood with folded sanitized hands,

Put an end to the pandemic was their demands.

The resplendent majestic idols shone,

Cooperation and exuberance by the citizens was shown!


Durga Puja - Social distanced celebrations



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