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Sara Harlalka

11 Years

53 Years

La Martiniere for Girls


Dear Durga Maa, This Is For You | Poem by Sara, 11, Kolkata

Welcome Durga Maa! 11 year old  Sara Harlalka, a Bookosmian from Kolkata has a beautiful welcome poem for you. Do you also have a poem for her?

She goes to La Martiniere for girls.

Durga Puja - Dear Durga Maa, this is for you

Hey Maa, Mother Durga!

You are the mother of the universe,

It’s you who takes care of all

And removes glooms of all hearts.


Last year…

As the festival of Durga puja was drawing to a close….

The red carpets were being rolled up,

The poles were being pulled out,

The tents were being removed,

And the broken pieces of thermocol lay strewn around

Like pieces of luggage….


Ma Durga, you stood in a corner

With your family and the willy Mahishasur

In a posture of steely resolve and quiet determination.


Hail, Devi Durga-Mother of all,

So, at last you respond to our call.


Breeze is there, catkin swings,

Clouds move slowly with their wings.

Green are paddies, brimming with joys,

Peasants are free now, putting their loys,

Children are waiting for new dresses,

Jaba and Jiu are blooming now fresh.

For you Devi, decorating new seat,

Covered in white, clean and neat!


We’ve been waiting through the year

With hope, joy, excitement and cheer.


Mother as you come, make us feel,

Erase evil and selfishness to kill.


Bless us to worship you with devotion and care,

And fill us brotherly love so we can share.


Durga Puja - Dear Durga Maa, this is for you



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