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#SaraReads: Story- Dilemma

Sara reads stories for kids by young writers Prakhar Bookosmia

There was a young man who was a mastermind in computers. He wanted to
get a job in the IT industry in Bengaluru. He got good marks in his exams and got a job. He was excited but when he was in his room alone he realized
that this meant leaving his parents behind.

The next day he went to his parents and said “ I don’t want to work in Bengaluru.” His parents were in a deep shock.

His father said “Why, son? Yesterday you were very exited but what happened today?”

He told his father that he did not want to leave them behind and go to a far away city. His father lovingly told him that going to a place with educated  people will help him develop better qualities.

“You will feel confident, smart and your attitude will improve. Yes, I know it
will be difficult for you for some time but you will get many things to learn and the feeling of being independent, just imagine how will that be?”

The son understood what his father was trying to say and imagined a strong
and bright future not just for him but for their whole family. He decided to
go to Bengaluru. No matter where he would go, he knew his parents were
with him in spirit.

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