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Decoding me : Faces in the Water| Poem by Diya,16,Mumbai

Who are we really? 16 year old Diya from Mumbai introspects on her reflection in water, in this poem

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Decoding me : Faces in the Water


I look in the water,

hoping to see myself

but instead, I see a stranger.


I splash the water

Like life does challenges.

Hoping that the reflection would stay the same

And fight back,

but it changes


I splash it again,

and it changes again,

Repeatedly until it hits me,

It will never change


The faces in the water,

Are they you?

Are they me?

Are they others?


The faces in the water know who I am,

But I don’t.

I put on a different face on for everyone

I don’t remember which one is actually me


But I should not give in

I should fight back

I should know who I am

I should neglect the faces in the water

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