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Dear Sara, I Dream Of Visiting Shimla | By a 12 year old from Chennai

12 year old Y Divya Darshini from Chennai has one dream destination- Shimla and she wrote a lovely letter about it to me. What’s your dream destination?

Divya is a student of NSN Memorial School.


Dear Sara, I dream of visiting Shimla
Dear Sara,
A place that makes me wonder a lot about is Shimla.
Everyone knows that Shimla is such a beautiful place.
The reason that I admire Shimla is because I love snow. Let me tell you a secret, I have never been to Shimla, not even once!
I’ve once dreamed about Shimla and about its wonders and when I see pictures I get transported to Shimla. Who doesn’t love snow! My favourite part when it comes to playing in the snow is building snowmen.
Dear Sara, I dream of visiting Shimla
My dearest wish is to visit Shimla with my friends.
Shimla is settled on the top of seven hills. Shimla is considered as one of the most beautiful hill stations in India.
If I go to Shimla once it will be the most memorable moment of my life. There are no words to describe the wonders of Shimla. It has a natural ice skating rink!
Dear Sara, I dream of visiting Shimla
Shimla is best discovered on foot. Shimla is surrounded by the majestic snow-capped Himalayan mountains and green valleys.
If I visit Shimla, I would also like to go on an underwater expedition. Shimla is a place full of natural beauty and the best part is it’s not polluted at all!
Dear Sara, I dream of visiting Shimla
If I visit Shimla I will definitely ride on the horses and also climb mountains. Paragliding is also very famous in Shimla and I desperately want to try that.
Dear Sara, I dream of visiting Shimla
In Chennai, all the places that we live in are mostly polluted so I would love to experience the natural and non-polluted Shimla.
Without seeing Shimla even for once I am talking so much about it, if I visited Shimla, my letter would have been very long!
Sara, I would love it if you too get to experience Shimla and have fun!
Your friend,
Divya Darshini


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