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Dear 2021 – A Letter Full Of Hope And Dreams | Bookosmia

Dear 2021 - A letter full of hope and dreams
Dear 2021,
                   It’s been seven months of this year already. I have been expecting a lot from you, after a difficult previous year. I have a lot of desires and ambitions along with fears. I really want to discuss these with you.
Dear 2021 - A letter full of hope and dreams
So, with things settling down a little, I really would love to go to school, go to my writing classes, attend charities and go to play. I really want to meet my friends and enjoy.
Last year, the whole year we were in the house sitting and getting bored. At the same time, I fear very much that being all out and spending time with my friends but not my family can be bad. I just don’t want to go and hang out with my friends but want to hangout with my family too. I don’t want to let the excitement of meeting my friends, stop me from spending time with my family.
Dear 2021 - A letter full of hope and dreams
This year, in the months that are remaining, I want to emerge as a better person. Last year, when the lockdown just started I was all bored, irritated and angry. This year I want to be more relaxed, happy and I also hope that the vaccination is available to all.
Dear 2021 - A letter full of hope and dreams
These are my desires and thoughts, stay safe, 2021.
Yours affectionately,


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