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Climate Change is Real| Poem by Oshin, 12,Delhi

Time to be serious about climate change, writes 12 year old Oshin Arora, a Bookosmian From Delhi. Do you also know about it? Write to us!
save earth planet bookosmia
Resist climate change,
We don’t have the ability to bear,
Otherwise climate would act strange,
And we’ll be flooded with tears!
We’ll suffer being thirsty,
As it leads to water-loss and droughts,
Which is not at all worthy,
All contentment would be blemished that we ever brought!

It can wreak havoc on people’s livelihoods and communities,
Moreover, it can lead to unexpected destructions,
Right now, we have many opportunities.
With climate change,
It will create deductions!

Global warming will rise,
So let’s not give it an invite,
Let’s work like it’s the best environmental prize,
Otherwise we’ll be in plight!

Health risks will rise,
Many more deaths,
So let’s have them at a dearth,
And have time for some mirth!

What not would be there,
Storms, tsunamis, tornados,
So let’s be aware and care,
As it has no pros!

Glacier retreat will take place,
We will suffer inferiorly,
For living, no space,
Resist climate change and live superiorly

So let’s kick climate change off,
Relish life and lope in grounds with fresh air,
And combat asthma and cough,
Want your rights?

 So with environment, be fair!
climate change bookosmia poem

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