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Chess World – An Adventure To The 204 Squares | Bookosmia

Chess world - An adventure to the 204 squares

My house is a very cluttered place. If you ever visit it, you will find yourself in a maze.

It is a mystery to find my chess board especially because that is the thing I use most often as I am a chess player.

Chess world - An adventure to the 204 squares


I was standing in my laundry room ironing my clothes when suddenly my chessboard appeared in front of me and opened up a portal!

It was a very weird force and I was pushed into a whole new world which no one knew about. It was the world of chess.

A single day on earth was two years in the world of chess. Chess pieces lived there on that planet like how we humans live on Earth.


Chess world - An adventure to the 204 squares


The language there was very different. I tried to decipher it. It didn’t help that the font size was very small.

Money over there was very hard to earn. We had to walk on chess squares and find at at least 1 liter of water everyday so that we could get money. If this system would be applied on Earth, it would be called labour, you do the work and you will be paid.

Finally, one day I felt a strong energy pushing me back into the portal and I got back to Earth.


Chess world - An adventure to the 204 squares


What an adventure! I am planning to write a book called ‘Visit to a Chess World’.



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