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Camping Adventure- Travel To A Fairy Land | Bookosmia

Camping adventure- Travel to a fairy land

Camping adventure- Travel to a fairy land


One day a girl named Thea was planning to camp in the forest because she was getting bored at home and had nothing to do. Thea invited all her friends, but some said yes and some said no. Paullina, Violet and Colette said yes.


Thea asked her parents “Can Paullina, Violet, Colette and I go to the woods for camping?”


Thea’s parents said, “Okay, but be careful because there are a lot of dangerous animals living out there, people say there’s a mystery about a magical bat. The magical bat’s owners are Flora and

Farrah, the butterfly fairies.”


They added, “These twins love their kingdom and would do anything to protect it. They live at the Flower Palace with the butterfly fairies. The magical bat can fulfill any wish of anybody. The person who has the magical bat should act responsibly.” Thea’s mother said, “But, I think it’s only a legend.”


Thea stuffed a lot of candies and food in her backpack. The whole bag was filled with candy and food only. “I can’t wait to go to camp, only two more days. Yaaay!!! Violet will also be there -my best friend. We all will stay in tents, we’ll tell horror stories and eat marshmallows, popcorn and a lot of candies.”


Camping adventure- Travel to a fairy land


Finally, it was 14th July. Thea and her best friends could not wait to go camping! They planned to meet at the bus stop, and they did. They all took seats close to each other and planned the camp.


When they reached the forest, they saw somebody watching them with bad eyes and disappeared in thin air in a millisecond. Everybody was excited but only Thea had a bad feeling about the camp area in the forest.


“Maybe it’s just color blindness,” said Thea to herself. They started finding sticks for making fire, on their journey to get sticks they saw cobwebs, tarantulas and bones of animals.


When a tarantula fell on Paullina, she screamed, “Ahhh there’s a tarantula on my shoulder!” Everybody turned back and said, “It’s just a tarantula. The goth girl in our school owns six tarantulas.”


Camping adventure- Travel to a fairy land


While they all slept in their tents, two dangerous, poisonous and humongous rattlesnakes came into Thea’s tent. She ran outside her tent shouting, “Paullina, Violet, Colette there are two humongous rattlesnakes in my tent.”


They woke up and asked Thea, “What happened? Why are you screaming like there’s a snake in your tent?”


Thea said, “You’re correct but there is not one snake in my tent but two and they are rattlesnakes.” Thea’s friends screamed so loudly that the birds got scared and flew away from their nests.


Violet said, “What, are you saying there are two rattlesnakes in your tent?” “You’re lying right?” Paullina asked. Thea said, “I’m not lying now let’s take our bags and run from here, you three can take your tents, so take them.”’


Chapter 2



Thea had her own tent until rattlesnakes had come in so they had to move to another place in the woods. That’s why Violet, Thea’s bestie, had to share her tent with Thea.


That place in the woods was called Mystery, where there was a mystery of the magical bat, but Thea did not know that the story that their parents were telling her was true or just a legend.


When Thea was sleeping in the tent with Violet, she had a dream in which she saw something shining in the woods. She suddenly woke up and thought about what that thing was. She woke Violet up saying, “I had a really weird dream in which I saw something shining.” Violet queried, “What happened? Why are you not sleeping? This dream is just a dream so don’t think about it so much.”


Camping adventure- Travel to a fairy land


Thea said, “I got a weird feeling about this dream, something that I’ve never had.” Violet replied, “Ok, tell me about the dream that you had in detail, the place where it happened and all.” Thea replied, “So, in the woods I saw something really really shining, but the place was very dark and spooky like right now how dark it is outside.” Violet said, “Anddd???”


Thea and her friends went searching for the shining thing when Colette asked, “Was that place surrounded by trees and creepy other things!” “Yes, I think so,” Thea replied. “I love adventures,” said Paullina. “How will we find the shining thing in the middle of the forest? We don’t have the map of the forest and it’s 2 a.m. in the morning,” said Violet.


“What’s that, why is that place shining so much like crystals? Let’s go that way,” said Thea. Slowly and steadily, they started moving towards the light. As soon as they started nearing the glittering lights, they saw a shining bat. The bat was made with crystals and glass.


Camping adventure- Travel to a fairy land



“Is that the magic bat that mom and dad were telling me about,” she thought in her mind. When Thea touched the surrounding tree, the place started glowing rainbow lights, sparkles, and even stars and clouds floated in the air like it was a unicorn’s home in the clouds. “Wow,” said Thea’s friends, “What is that it’s so pretty and gorgeous.”


“What’s that on the tree?” asked Violet. “It’s a logo of a dragon,” replied Collette. And there’s the same logo in the soil,” said Paullina. “Look what I found, it’s a logo on a wooden door not in the soil,” said Thea. “What’s that? Let’s go inside it,” said Paullina.


When Thea and her friends went inside the door, they saw a white shining dragon with rainbow-colored hair holding a bat. “Whoa, is that a dragon because I’ve never seen one and I thought they weren’t real, and if this is a real dragon, I think I’m going to faint,” said Colette quickly.



Chapter 3


As soon as Thea saw the dragon she got scared. When she saw the magic bat in the dragon’s hand she asked the dragon, “Is that the magic that Flora and Farrah own.” The dragon replied, “I will not answer any of your questions until and unless you answer these five questions.”


“The first question is, what is the full form of great?” asked the dragon. “I think G stands for Gratitude,” replied Thea. “And the R stands for Responsibility,” said Violet. “And E stands for Enthusiasm,” said Paullina. “And the A stands for Attitude,” said Colette. “And the last letter T stands for Teamwork,” said Thea. “Your answer is correct, but your second question is, who invented the cricket bat?” asked the dragon.


Camping adventure- Travel to a fairy land



“Your third question is, who is the owner of the magic bat?”, asked the dragon. “Oh! It is Flora and Farrah. When I was asking for permission for this trip, my mom and dad started telling me about Flora and Farrah and the magic bag that you are just holding,” replied Thea.


“You all passed the quiz. Now it’s time for you all to meet the butterfly twins. I present you the twins.” the dragon said excitedly.




Chapter 4


The twins made a grand entrance by sitting on the dragon, while the dragon cruised all over the jungle. All Thea’s friends were stoked to meet the butterfly twins. After some time, Thea and her friends had a conversation with the twins.


The twins thought that Thea and her friends are really responsible, good, caring and have understanding personalities. They will do anything to protect the magic bat, they could even give their lives for it and can be the real guardians of the magic bat.


The twins gave the magic bat to Thea and her friends. Thea said, “Thank you for trusting us and giving us the responsibility of the magic bat.”


Flora said, “We were waiting for a new guardian to do a really powerful and special spell to remove all the bad powers from this world. This includes Zoe and Chloe, the evil and cruel twin sisters and their army, the Green Sprites who are little but cunning and serve the two twins and have a small piece of wood that contains bad powers, they want the magic bat.”


Thea and her friends did the spell with the instructions of the butterfly twins, and then unanticipatedly a glittery colossal log appeared in front of them and also destroyed all the bad powers in the world including the evil twins with their army, the Green Sprites.


“Oh! I know the magic bat was invented in the 1880s by Charles Richardson, a pupil of Brunel and the first Chief Engineer of the Severn Railway Tunnel. My father talks about cricket all the time and sometimes cricket gets interesting. Do you….,” replied Paullina. “Yaa you are now welcome to be quiet,” said Colette.


Camping adventure- Travel to a fairy land


They looked closely and saw on the side of the log there was a picture of a Green Sprite,they realized this is a log that is made from the wood pieces that the Green Sprites owned. Flora and Farrah then safely kept the cryptic log in a safe.




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