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BTS Anthem-K-Pop Kings Rock | Poem by 11 year old Saanvi from Kolkata

BTS! Love them? 11 year old Saanvi Agarwal is a part of the ‘army’ and pens a poem about them!

BTS Anthem - K-Pop kings rock



A K-Pop band with seven kings
A rap king,lama and an angel with wings

The leader, V,golden Maknae and a boy who smiles like the sun
Each of them have different personalities but as a team they are one

They come from a faraway land called Seoul
Winning the Grammy’s is their goal

I love them for who they are
Even though I watch them from far

Nothing can get me away
From admiring BTS every day

They are crazy,they are fun
They brighten my day like the sun

Their fandom is called the A.R.M.Y
Being an Army is a part of me.


BTS Anthem - K-Pop kings rock

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