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Manini Singh

10 Years

53 Years

Sarla Chopra D.A.V Public School


‘Brenda Beaver – My Best Friend’ Story by 10 year old Bookosmian from Noida

Read with Sara story by Manini

I am Brenda Beaver. I hate introductions so I am skipping that part. These journals are supposed to be about my adventures and experiences.


Anyway, let’s continue our story for today.


I used to hate reading and am now the biggest bookworm in our grade. It all started when my new neighbour moved in and we were introduced to each other.

At first, I thought that we were never going to get together but we eventually became good friends in an obvious incident.


Being friends with her wasn’t easy, we hardly had anything in common. Annie, which was her name, was quiet, gentle and smart while I was quite the opposite. I was sporty, loud and loved being the centre of attention.

The day she inspired me started as normal as can be. I woke up early and followed my morning routine until first class at school. The teacher was shifting seats. I ended up sitting alongside Annie. It was astonishing for me as she was a great and helpful partner. I decided to learn more about Annie.


After school, I used to take extra basketball classes but I asked Annie to come over to my house to get help with some homework. We readily did our work and started chatting.


She had many interests and who knew she was so talkative! We learned a lot of things from each other. The day I became the school captain was the best day of my life.

Annie had helped me win the elections by helping me lead with love. Annie moved to another city. My golden time with her ended.


Stay tuned for other pages from my diary.


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