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Samriddha Biswas

11 Years

53 Years

Techno India Group Public School, Garia


Sudha Murty’s Three Thousand Stitches| Book Review by 10 year old

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Book review : Sudha Murty’s Three Thousand Stitches
Book review : Sudha Murty’s Three Thousand Stitches

I believe that every books has it’s own specific and unique qualities. I read a book named ‘Three Thousand Stitches’ written by the famous author Sudha Murty.

This book is really interesting and teaches us life lessons. The story book contains eleven fine chapters.

From all of them, I enjoyed two chapters the most, namely ‘How to Beat the Boys’ and ‘Cattle Class’. These stories are extremely heart-touching and give you the strength to do more and more good.

                  In the first story ‘How to Beat the Boys’, Sudha Murty has told how much she had struggled to study in an engineering college where everyone except her were boys. Everybody would harass her but she was strong and steady. She focused on her studies and got the highest marks which made everyone respect her. Later, she had became an engineer. This proves that we have to work hard to gain success.

                  Next, in the story ‘Cattle Class’, Sudha Murty writes about the time she was standing in an airport queue wearing simple clothes. Two women standing infront of her were continuosly telling that she was fit for the ‘cattle class’ seat of the aircraft. She was silent until they saw that she was in the business class ticket. It wasn’t the end, when Sudha Murty reached her destination, in a conference room she saw the same women as her co-workers. This story says we shouldn’t make fun of others.

                 These stories are all very interesting so I recommend this story book to everyone so that you all can also learn these life lessons from Sudha Murty.

I rate this book five stars and recommend it to ages 7+.

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