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Dhriti Keni

12 Years

53 Years


Believe in a better tomorrow| Poem by Dhriti,12, Chennai 

Life has both happy and not-so-happy moments. How should we deal with the latter? 12 year old Dhriti has some wise words of advice.

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Life goes on : Believe in a better tomorrow 
Whether you chose
To move on and
Take a chance
In to the unknown
Or, stay behind
Locked in the past,
Thinking of
What could have been done.
Nothing happens to you
It happens for you
Look at the bright side
You can’t control
Someone’s loyalty
No matter
How good you are to them
Doesn’t mean they will
Treat you the same
No matter
How much they mean to you
Doesn’t mean they will
Value you the same
The people you love the most
Turn out to be the people you can
Trust the least
But you learn to
Live with it
Do not let it
Break you
No matter
How hard it gets
Things End
People change
And you know what?
Life goes on
Morning will come
It has no choice
And trust me
It will be better tomorrow.
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