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Bedtime story – The Fox And The Mouse | Bookosmia

Bedtime story - The fox and the mouse

Once upon a time in a forest there lived a fox. One day, the fox was very hungry but didn’t hunt because he was also very tired.

Bedtime story - The fox and the mouse


Suddenly, he got an idea. He went to a mango tree and sat there. The mango tree had a hollow hole in its trunk where a group of mice lived.

The chief mouse of that trunk always told the little mice not to come out alone. He said they should always follow the lead of the big mice. The little mice did not like that rule and wondered why they had to stay together all the time.

Bedtime story - The fox and the mouse

Then as the chief mouse came out for his usual round to make sure everything was safe, he saw the fox.

The chief asked the fox why he was sitting near the tree. The fox said that he was hungry and grabbed the chief. But before he could do anything, the whole group of mice came out and bit the fox. He ran away howling in pain!

Bedtime story - The fox and the mouse

Now the little mice understood why the chief had asked them to stay together always.

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