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Autobiography of a refrigerator

I am a refrigerator and was manufactured by Samsung in Australia. With my other Samsung friends, I was sent to Kolkata by ship.


Autobiography of a refrigerator


From the Samsung factory in Kolkata, we were transferred to a mall. One day, there was a big sale, a family came to the mall to buy a refrigerator. They looked at all my friends but were not pleased with any of them. They said that some of them had dull coloured paint, some had too much design, and some were fine but expensive. They saw me at last in the corner and were pleased with my twin cooling and silver colour. The family bought me at a good bargain of twelve thousand rupees.


Autobiography of a refrigerator



I was put into a box and loaded on to a truck. When I was placed in the kitchen, I saw how handsome I looked in the mirror that was right opposite me. I was a double door refrigerator with a transparent vegetable tray and three racks ,one rack was for curd and milk , the other for fruits and the third for dry fruits and everything else. There was also a rack at my side for ketchup and drinks.


Autobiography of a refrigerator


There was a prayer performed at the Mehra household where they prayed to god that their fridge would keep their food fresh. There was halwa and poori made for the prayer ceremony and kept inside me. I was always kept fresh with lemon slices put in every corner of me. My owner loved cooking and kept storing dishes inside me while her husband, who was very particular with cleanliness, kept cleaning me.

One day, the children’s aunt and uncle came to their house and were amazed to see how the family kept me and decided to keep their fridge as clean as the family kept me.Years passed, and I grew older.

Autobiography of a refrigerator


One day, my paint came off. That night, my owner took me and kept me on the road. I was sad and dejected being left at night. In the morning, a paanwala came and was overjoyed to see me. He thought I was a gift sent to him by god. He took me to his shop, started cleaning me and put leaves of paan and cola inside me and I was my jolly self again.



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