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Autobiography - A Friends show themed board game

On a bright summer day of 2nd June, a colorful board with a dice was born in California. It was named Ludo. That ‘it’ is me. I am Ludo. I am known to every living being and many have their favourite memories attached to me. I bring a dash of vibrance in everyone’s household as I am dressed in a beautiful attire of four colors, namely- Green, Blue, Red, and Yellow.

Autobiography - A Friends show themed board game

My manufacturers went extra creative and made me ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’ show themed. I was packed in purple box with a yellow keyhole frame like on Monica’s door and sent to ‘Bond’s Store’.

Autobiography - A Friends show themed board game

Though I was quite highly priced because of my theme, yet, I found customers quarreling with each other to purchase me. At last I was bought by Emily Mendosa, a young woman.

As soon as I reached her home, I could see that there were party decorations all around her house with numerous pizza boxes on the table. Soon there were people coming in, whom I assumed to be her friends. A person put up a banner which said, ‘Ludo and Pizza Night’.

Autobiography - A Friends show themed board game

I did not see a games night coming my way and I was very excited! Soon I understood why there were pizza boxes and party props in her house. There were four people in total and one of them was a crybaby. So every time he got cut by someone, he would start crying and thus, make me wet. I loved being tidy and the teardrops falling on me would disgust me.

Autobiography - A Friends show themed board game

These game nights happened quite often and all of them loved me in the early days but, gradually I became a bore to them. I felt extremely lonely and miserable. However, I can say that I make and break friendships because Emily befriended many people while playing me with her friends in her favorite cafeteria. She would always carry me in her tote bag and play with absolutely anyone in the cafeteria.

Autobiography - A Friends show themed board game

But now it has been 8 years since she opened my cute little box to play Ludo and I am quite hopeless about meeting her again as online Ludo games are trending. However, I must say that I, a board Ludo game, have a different charm altogether and I hope someday she will realize it.


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