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Prisha Bhatt

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Astronomy – The Moon’s Dark Phase | Bookosmia

Astronomy - The moon’s dark phase



The face we have never seen

The side for showing, she is not very keen


Darker than the black

The part someday that used to shine

Hoping to fall in love one more time


The light that shines within

From the dark she shall win

Hoping the love isn’t gone

Maybe someone will build her back to one


The happier side she shows to everyone

Even from the broken pieces we never learn

Someday she’ll let her guard down

And then maybe even stick around


Helping others through their grievances

She let go of her own preferences

The soul that was lost in a small box

Wanting to find the key to the rusty locks


The old her that smiled at the world

And those sights that were now blurred

When she goes to bed tonight

She won’t cry like every other night


She will remember what life feels like

Someone to stick by her side

That day her fate won’t be doomed

And we’ll see the other side of the moon.


Astronomy - The moon’s dark phase



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