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Suhani Khemka

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Art Appreciation Blog: Frida Kahlo and Munch| By Suhani,14, Kolkata

Appreciating art is an art in itself! 14 year old Suhani from Kolkata gives us an engrossing peek into her thoughts as she compares paintings by renowned artists Munch and Frida Kahlo.

Frida Kahlo art appreciation bookosmia
Art appreciation : Frida Kahlo and Munch
The ‘Self-portrait’ by Kahlo is of her standing infront of leaves, a monkey and a black cat. Her portrait, in which she has drawn jointed eyebrows and moustache, pushes against the usual female conventions, where these features are not present. Her expression is stern, and eyes have some hint of pain. The black cat, which has an angry expression on, could be symbolic of independence as cats are self-sufficient creatures.
scream painting munch blog bookosmia

‘The scream’ by Munch reflects on the feelings of a person. The person is standing on the bridge and the river and sun behind have been made in such a form that it almost seems to be his thoughts. It depicts what might be going inside a tormented person’s head. The use of abstract art helps in showcasing confusion and depression.

In both the paintings, elements of nature have been used. Kahlo has used leaves, monkey, dragonfly , butterflies, and a black cat while Munch has used a river and sun to showcase feelings. They both hint isolation from people.

In ‘The scream’, the man is separated from the people behind him. In Kahlo’s portrait, there are many animals but not any sign of other humans. This may mean that the animals shown were her best friends. They both depict sadness and pain, but ‘The scream’ does it more directly while the Self-portrait shows it in her expression.

While Munch’s painting is abstract with random lines, Kahlo’s portrait is well defined. The self portrait has been painted with bright, vivid, and diverse colors. The Scream, on the other hand has been made with a limited and dull color palate. Kahlo’s painting is much more detailed than Munch’s. The portrait showcases some level of anger while Munch’s painting speaks more of depression and anxiety.

To me, they both deliver many messages and feelings. Munch’s art is a depiction of what would go on in my head when I am tensed. For me, Kahlo’s portrait evokes the feeling of activism and standing up for what is right.

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