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Ars poetica form : My inspiration| Poem by Vanshika, 11, Kolkata

Have you heard of Ars Poetica? It is a poem that identifies the poets themselves as subjects, their relationships to the poem and the act of writing. 11-year-old Vanshika from Kolkata shows us how it is done.

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You are a web of my thoughts,

My ideas, my inspirations,

Each thread- fine and silky,

Woven with incredible care.


You’re my truest reflection,

You know of my grief and of my joy

Comforting me, celebrating me.

Expressing my inner feelings.


Sometimes you are a figment of my imagination,

Sometimes you talk about my life and beliefs,

Sometimes you’re abstract and incomprehensible

But always a reflection of my mind.



On the surface- amusing and carefree,

But looking closer, I can see,

I can feel the depth in each of my words,

Concealing a deeper meaning.


You’re like a river to me,

All coming in a beautiful flow,

As soon as I pick up my pen,

Thoughts and ideas come gushing in.


Writing you is an incredible time,

Always discovering new facts about myself,

The only place I truly open up,

Spilling my inner soul into you.


You are my masterpiece, my greatest treasure,

You’re my inspiration to write more,

For you are caressed with love,

And stroked with affection.

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