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Anti Bullying – The Bully Learns A Lesson | Story| Bookosmia

Bullying is a big NO! Right? A young bully learns his lesson the hard way, in this story by 8 year old Aruna Gowri Shankar, a Bookosmian from Chennai

Anti bullying - The bully learns a lesson

Once, there lived a boy called Bill, who was a terrible bully. He had a very bad habit of bullying, mocking at, and making his friends (in both his apartment and school) feel low about themselves.

One day, a new girl named Laura moved into Bill’s apartment. Because of his habit, Bill used to bully Laura, but still she was unperturbed.

One day there was a music concert in Bill’s school, and Bill’s team needed a good singer. His teacher said for these notes, she needed a good girl singer.

Bill consulted every girl he knew but none of the girls could sing that well. Finally, only Laura was left. When Bill came to ask Laura for help, she thought, “I’ll make Bill understand how mean he is.” And she said, “Bill, when you are so mean to me, why should I help you? You’re always bullying me and other kids and you expect me to be nice to you?”

Anti bullying - The bully learns a lesson

Bill was speechless. Laura continued, “If you want me and all our friends to help you when you need us, you should stop troubling us, right?”

Finally Bill understood and said, “Laura, I’ve understood how badly I’ve treated you all. I’m sorry, I promise I’ll never do that again. Please help me by coming to the concert and singing.”

Laura immediately agreed.

Anti bullying - The bully learns a lesson

A week later, Bill’s team performed and won a prize for their performance. As for Bill, he had learnt a lesson and never treated anyone badly again.



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