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Andaman Islands, one of the most amazing holiday spots of India- the Andaman Islands. 13 year old Satvika from Bangalore talks about this place which is a must have on your holiday destination list.


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People don’t remember years, they remember moments.

Also, life is a journey. Travelling helps you live twice. You get so many  unforgettable moments and so many stories to tell. It is a very crucial part of life, as it gets us out from our busy schedules. It keeps one strong and healthy- both physically and mentally.

Now, I’ll be telling you about one of the most amazing holiday spots of India- the Andaman Islands. This place is a must have on your holiday destination list.


Firstly, Andaman is an island. So road travel is not an option. You can either  reach there by plane or a ten-day cruise. I went there on a plane, and it was awesome. I could actually see the ocean waves from the plane! We landed in Port Blair, the capital of Andaman.


The temperature there was pretty high. This place has historic significance, as well as beautiful views. The Cellular Jail is the main attraction in Port Blair. This jail has a lot of importance, as the Indian revolutionaries were held here as  prisoners during the British rule. It was also one of the largest jails in Asia. The main attraction here is the museum which shows the hardships Indian  freedom fighters faced when they were held captive. The cell where Sri Veer Savarkar was held captive is also here. He was, and continues to remain one of the bravest freedom fighter. Later in the evening there is a light show which  gives us a detailed account of life during the 19th century in the jail.


From here, we headed off to Havelock.

Havelock is a beautiful place. The beaches there are a sight to behold. From  Port Blair, we had to take a ferry to Havelock. Once we reached Havelock, the  first thing on everyone’s mind was beach. And the beach in Havelock, Radhanagar beach, is amazing. Especially the sunset. It was so beautiful. The  water was also in all its spirit and the waves were so huge and awesome.


We  also went scuba diving. The sea world was so beautiful. We could actually go all the way down to the sea bed and touch the corals! It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. There is no way anyone can forget the feeling of scuba
diving. And near the beach, we have ice cream and chat shops. What is more amazing than ice cream, after playing on the beach?


After all this, we went back to our hotel and rested for the day. In the same  place, we have Elephant beach. Here, you can enjoy your day with water sports. You have banana boat rides, water bikes and many more. Honestly, if  you ever visit Andaman, Havelock should be there on your list.


From here, we set off to Neil Island. It is the perfect place to get your souvenirs. You can get pearls, spices, wooden idols, shells, ornaments, home décor and a lot more. Here, we visited rock arch. We had to walk our way up to the top most rocks, on rocks! From the top, the sight was amazing. We could see the whole sea from up there!

We also went to Bharatpur beach which was very calm. Then we did our souvenir shopping and came back to the hotel.

Overall, Andaman was fabulous. Anyone who likes the sea will love Andaman.  In fact, not only people who like the sea but everyone will like Andaman! It is so
amazing; I didn’t feel like coming back home.

This paradise is a must have on your travel destination list.


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