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15 Years

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Sushila Birla Girls School


An introvert opens up | Poem by Yashvi, 15, Kolkata

15 year- old Yashvi Jalan writes a poem describing beautifully the feelings of an introvert; read on to know more!

Journaling - Dear Diary, this is the real me

Unlike a typical introvert,

A diary failed to be my soulmate.

I couldn’t possibly  confide in it

the quirky thoughts twirling within me.


my clustered feelings sought liberty.

At this enervating point,

you became my ‘Red Bull’.

An avid listener and reliable friend,

Emanating patience like paper.

The lines beholding decoded emotions,

Visible to all,

Anticipated by none.

Keeping me engrossed 24/7,

Either a romantic or tragic one.

Years have passed,

Yet you continue to amuse me.

And as far as I’m considered,

I have never known myself,

In such a distinctive way.

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